Research & Development

The slugs produced by RHEINFELDEN SEMIS GmbH & Co.KG are a mature product with high market acceptance and excellent processing properties. The production process is continuously developed in view of increased plant utilization, Material and Energy efficiency and productivity. Furthermore In cooperation with our customers, developments are worked out to adjust the slug properties to the rising requirements.

In the last years the main emphasis for the slugs was the development for the adaptation of the structure and the metal purity to the changed requirements of forming conditions at the production of shaped or embossed cans. Actually we are developing together with the technical departments of our customers custom-made Alloys and production technologies with the aim of reducing continuously the use of materials and on the other side to find esthetic, functional and safe packaging solutions which can be produced reliable, economical and sustainable.

Furthermore we are developing methods for the usage of secondary Aluminium raw materials PIR and PCR at the slug production process, with same consistent quality level.