Slugs are round discs of pure aluminium in quality Al 99,5% or Al 99,7% such as Alloys of the 3xxx family. Furthermore we produce developed in-house and customized special Alloys. They are punched out of self produced rotary caster strip and roughened by means of vibration or shot blasting. In addition to round, oval and rectangular slugs there are special shapes. The weight per part is in a range of 0,5 – 1.000 grams.

Slugs from RHEINFELDEN are sold all over the world and are used for production of:

  • monobloc aerosol cans
  • collapsible tubes with and without membrane
  • pharmaceutical cans
  • pressure tanks (fire extinguishers)
  • impact extruded industrial parts (condenser cans or automotive filter)
  • bottom plates for stainless-steel cooking pots