• April 2021

    Acquisition of Aluminium Rheinfelden by UC RUSAL.
  • April 2019

    Erika Zender takes over the business of Aluminium Rheinfelden after the death of Dr. Alois Franke
  • 2012

    Startup second annealing oven and new shot blasting machines.
  • 2011

    Production over 30.000t
  • 2008

    Enlargement of the casting machine.
    Quality improvement and capacity increase.
  • 2005/2006

    Slug Capacity of approx. 24.000t; Computer controled high rack installation with automatic feeding system for the surface treatment units. Holding furnace capacity expanded to 2x12t
  • 2003/2004

    Slug Capacity of approx. 23.000 tons. Installation of regenerative burners at the melting furnaces, for capacity increase, reduction of energy and CO2. emission.
  • 2001

    Capacity approx. 22.000 tons. Optimising of the rotary caster and conversion of the holding furnaces from oil to gas firing. Extension of the shot blasting capacity and set up of an automatic buffer and conveying system between roughening and packaging
  • 1999/2000

    Capacity 20.000 tons. Renewal of the melt-cleaning system and modifying the holpling furnaces to improve the quality. Installation of an automatic optical strip control and monitoring system. Introduction of flexible annealing boxes to avoid edge damage at the slug. Modification of the rotary caster to "closed feed" (pat. granted) with a significant quality improvement
  • 1997/1998

    Capacity approx. 17.000 tons Extension of production to 10000qm and integration of an automatic pallet-transport system with stretching facility. Building of a fully automatic annealing furnace for punch-grid (reduction of emission and energy). Modernising of the drive technology of the rolling mills. Extension of the slug annealing furnace
  • 1995

    Capacity 15.000 tons Conversion of the annealing furnace from electricity to gas heating and extended automatisation of the packaging facility to improve quality and efficiency
  • 1993

    Capacity 13.000 tons MBO Change over from Alusuisse to Aluminium Rheinfelden GmbH
  • 1991

    Shutdown of primary Aluminium production in Rheinfelden. Capacity approx. 62.000 To/year
  • 1967

    Slug production: 3400 tons
  • 1964

    Start of building the slug plant, named LMG
  • 1898

    Foundation of Aluminium Rheinfelden